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Nigel Waymark

Hello I’m Nigel Waymark

When it comes to age it’s only a number though I will say I am old enough to remember those great Jazz Funk Records coming out back in the 70’s and 80’s!.

Have worked in the radio industry for most of my adult life as well as running my own mobile disco for 30 years, I decide last year to take early retirement and concentrate on my radio career.

I’m really pleased to say it is taking off as I now can be heard on radio stations across Essex on FM and DAB, however Soul is my real passion and some of the music coming out today is in my opinion better then the tunes of yesteryear!

I spend most of the week either searching around for artists who are about to release new material, however I am very lucky to have made some good friends with some of the artists who send me their latest releases.

All the material I play is commercially available for download as I think there is nothing worse then hearing a track that won’t be released for 2 or 3 weeks! I also add in a few “choice oldies” from years

So I hope you will join me every Friday from 6pm for two hours of the latest releases for “Nigel Waymark’s New Choons” right here on Joy Radio